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(.5 + Love Me)

[10 Nov 2003|03:24pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

You know how silly I feel updating this thing when NOTHING is happening? *smirks* Oh well. I put my lyrical genius (ooo dont even say anything) into the works last night. Mainly because, no one loves me and I'm alone all the time *sob* Okay not really. But no one does come to see me....
Here's a little preview *wink*

Longing for the sweet surrender
tape up the broken piece
no more to endevor
lend my heart on lease
so cold the details are freezin'
my souls overdue
im yet to renew
been just waiting for a reason
so maybe i could tell the truth

feelings been retracted
waiting for a rewrite
sweet surrender finally closes
no longer do i have to fight
if only you were thinkin of me
if only you were thinkin of me
[wee. by..brit-shaped moohaha]
moving on...

Pretty Boy: Where are you, matchmaker? I need someone to entertain me....and you're like...missing. FIND ME!
Pink: WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUU *sobs again*
Chrissy: Hope your tours going good, sweetness
Taylor: Do you remember that little tackling that has to do with wings *giggles* yeah me too.
Eliza: um...COME FIND ME! I gotta tell you something.
Zac: HI! Um..can I borrow your fairy wings? *grin*

Go me!



(.4 + Love Me)

[07 Nov 2003|09:37pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

I'm so hyper. So I thought i'd tell you all?

*sings loudly* Match maker match maker make me a match...find me a find...catch meeee a catch

*giggles* Okay. I'm bored. Someone come find me? *grins* someone NO ONE in particular.


(.2 + Love Me)

[06 Nov 2003|07:04pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hurray for new people in the community! *smiles* Still, its a little lonely around here. I won't dwell on that thought though. It only makes me think of the past and what could have happened. Instead I need to think of the future and what might come out of being here, meeting new people. Maybe meeting someone that'll actually love me for me. I'm afraid I forgot what love is *sighs, smirking* Oh well. So anyways, welcome new people *giggles*


(.2 + Love Me)

[04 Nov 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

*She slowly sits down infront of her laptop, logging onto her journal. She taps her fingers on the desk lightly, then seeing that it's loaded she begins to type*

Hello my lovelies!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've just been busy promoting the album. But I have been enjoying hanging out with P!nk and Eliza when I'm not busy. And the infamous pretty boy ;) How can I forget him? *giggles* I cant. Oh yeah! I can't wait til Chrissy comes back, then the party'll really start! rawr! hehe Okay I'm done now. Hugs and kisses!


(Love Me)

[29 Oct 2003|03:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

*She sits down carefully infront of her laptop. She loads up her laptop, then logs onto her journal. She twists her face, thinking of what to write. A slow smile appears on her face as she begins to type*

Well here I am....finally here. It took long enough. But with things going so hectic with the new album, I'm lucky to be here at all! Things are going really well now with it so there's no use complainin'! *she looks around at her unpacked boxes and bites her lip* I think I'm gonna like it here....as soon as I get all my shit put together! ....OH WOW! I um...didn't introduce myself. Excuse the blondness. My name's Britney if you haven't figured that out already. I'm a singer, dancer, and an actress. I'm also a self-proclaimed GOOBER! *grins* Word of warning. I like partying, and meeting new people...so hit me up! xBritKatx or come find me *winks* ...Well I think that's good enough. Look forward to talkin to ya'll....


*She smiles, reading over her entry. She hits update, and logs off her laptop. She gets up and heads over to her boxes, and continues unpacking her things*

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